Build Your Perfect eduWeb Experience with Our 2019 App

Believe it or not, eduWeb is almost here, and if you’re as excited as we are, it’s probably hard to contain yourself at this point. But as you review the list of all the amazing programming, think about the incredible people you want to meet, and identify your priorities and goals for the conference, you might be feeling a touch overwhelmed. There’s so much to do and see and experience, and how can you possibly keep it all straight?

Well, we’ve got good news: the eduWeb team understands your dilemma, and to help you make the very most of your time in Philadelphia, we’ve released our official 2019 eduWeb Digital Summit app on the Guidebook platform. It’s packed full of everything you need to ensure that your Summit experience is perfect, and we’re excited for you to check it out.

How do I get the app?

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you can head over to the App Store to start your download. Just follow this link or search “eduweb 2019”. And if you’re on the Android OS, you’ll find our app living in the Google Play store right here.

Prefer to use your computer? You can access everything via the desktop version as well.

Okay, I’ve downloaded it! What should I do first?

Get started by creating a Guidebook account, if you don’t have one already. Then, go set up your profile. Within your profile, you can include information such as a photo, your job title and school/organization, your contact details, and links to your social media accounts. You can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, and by configuring this now, you’ll make it easier to connect with fellow attendees (more on that a little further down).

Note: We’re currently addressing a glitch that is preventing attendees’ LinkedIn accounts from displaying properly. This is a known Guidebook issue, and we’re hoping that it will be resolved soon.

What’s included in the app?

When you click the menu, you’ll see that there are a lot of different sections to explore. To help you make sense of it all, we’ve created a breakdown:

  • Connect: Here’s where you’ll find other eduWeb attendees and begin building your network. We’ll talk more about this down below.
  • General Info: This takes you to the home screen for the app, where you can also view a map of our location, get the wifi password, and get some basic information on eduWeb 2019.
  • Philadelphia Activities: Arriving early? We have you covered with ideas and potential excursions if you’re interested.
  • Interest Form – Dinners and Excursions: Let us know what you’re interested in doing in Philadelphia during the times without official eduWeb programming, and we’ll get you connected with other attendees.
  • Program: Want to know everything that’s happening? This section will lay it ALL out, day by day. Here, you can review all the sessions, events, and social activities, then add the ones that pique your interest to your personal schedule. Feeling overwhelmed by it all? You can also easily filter the program by category by clicking the filter button in the lower right hand corner. Select the category or categories you want to view, then hit “Apply” to see only what you need.
  • My Schedule: Once you’ve built out your schedule, you can go to this section to see a clear, sequenced timeline of all the sessions and activities you’ve selected.
  • Conference Map: Find your way around the conference floor so you can navigate eduWeb like a pro.
  • Twitter: View all of the #eduweb19 tweets in one place, see everything that our official Twitter handle is sharing, and create your own #eduweb19 posts, all in one spot.
  • Speakers: Curious to learn more about all the fine folks who are sharing their knowledge at eduWeb this year? You can read all of our speaker bios here.
  • Sponsors: eduWeb wouldn’t be the same without the support of some amazing sponsors who are invested in making sure you have a fantastic experience at the conference. Learn more about these companies in this section.
  • Exhibitors: Take a look at a list of the exhibitors who will be showing off their stuff at eduWeb. Stop by and say hi to them!
  • eduWeb Team: Who are these people who make eduWeb happen? You can get to know us here, then be sure to say hi when you see us around the conference!
  • Notes: When you hear a great idea, identify a topic that you want to learn more about, or receive a recommendation for a useful resource from a fellow attendee, jot them down here! You can create as many as you want, then export them to other applications or AirDrop them as you see fit.
  • Weather: Know before you go! Check this section to get the latest forecast, then pack and plan accordingly.
  • Inbox: You can send and receive messages from other attendees right in the app, and any messages you receive will show up here. App pro tip: enable your notifications to ensure that you don’t miss what others are sending you!

I created my schedule, and I am PUMPED. What else should I know as I attend the programming?

We really want to know what you think about everything you’re experiencing here at eduWeb, and the app gives you the perfect opportunity to tell us all about it. If you click on any item in the program, you can rate it easily by giving it anywhere from one to five stars. (And yes, you can rate anything listed in the program, so sure, go ahead and tell us how you felt about your badge pickup or lunch break!)

You can also add your personal notes to any programming piece, and they’ll show up in the Notes section of the app, nicely categorized with the session title. How easy is that?

How can I connect with everyone else here at eduWeb?

As we mentioned above, you can easily reach out to others here at the conference through our “Connect” section. When you click on this section, you can select “Attendees” to see everyone who’s here or to search for a specific person or institution. If you want to add any attendees as connections, hit the plus sign next to their name to send them a request. Once they accept your request, they’ll show up in your connections list. And if you hit “Chat”, you can send attendees messages to start a conversation around the eduWeb experience.

If you click on the menu, you’ll also see a QR code down at the bottom next to your name. If you select this, your personal QR code will show up, which others can scan to quickly and easily get your contact information. If you want to scan someone else’s QR code, toggle to the “Scan” setting to do so.

We’re sure you already know this, but we’ll say it anyway: please use the Connect feature responsibly. Don’t spam everyone single eduWeb attendee with a connection request, and make sure that you use these tools in a way that reflects well on you. Remember that this is a professional conference, not a dating app, so respect others’ boundaries and help foster an atmosphere of collegiality, collaboration, and growth.

Anything else I need to know?

Throughout the course of the conference, we’ll be pushing out announcements via the app to make sure you don’t miss a thing, so make sure that you have your notifications enabled. We promise to use these notifications responsibly!

If you run into any issues while using the app, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll help you troubleshoot. If you need assistance during the conference, grab any of the eduWeb team members and we can get you set up for success.

We know you’ll find this app incredibly helpful as you prepare to head to Philadelphia, and we encourage you to download it now so that you can start optimizing your experience, even before eduWeb starts. We think it’ll make you even more excited for what’s to come. See you soon!

P.S. Once you’ve downloaded the app, why don’t you get the eduWeb experience started by sending us a connection request?