Get a Handle on Crisis Communications with Our 2019 Master Class

Prepare for the Unthinkable: Announcing Our 2019 Master Class

What would your institution do if the unthinkable were to happen?

As you’re planning out your eduWeb schedule, you’re probably evaluating the workshops and breakout sessions that will help you take your work back on campus to the next level. But as you’re identifying your goals and takeaways for the conference, have you thought about how effectively your school would respond in a crisis situation? 

If this question is weighing on your mind, we invite you to join us at our 2019 master class, where we’ll lay out exactly what you need to be thinking about and how to plan ahead when risks emerge on campus. So add our master class to your eduWeb registration and join us from 1:00 – 5:00 pm on Wednesday, July 31, to tackle this crucial topic.

(P.S. Not registered for eduWeb yet? No problem! There’s still time to get registered and join us for the conference and the master class.)

No More Headless Chickens: Social Media Crisis Management

Whether it’s a natural disaster, a student-led protest of a controversial speaker or policy, or an incident of on-campus violence, universities are more vulnerable than ever to crisis situations and the fallout that they bring. But with some preparation, practice, and clear thinking, you’ll be ready to face these challenges head-on.

In our master class, led by Texas Tech’s Allison Matherly and New Mexico Tech’s Benson Hendrix, you’ll learn how to identify a crisis before it starts, as well as the value of responding to versus monitoring the situation. You’ll explore how to develop a risk audit to assess your communications, your leadership, and your influencers. 

In the course, you’ll also address the appropriate responses to crises that may occur on your campus, unpacking the unique responses that various situations demand. At the conclusion of this session, you’ll have the confidence and insight needed to create dynamic response plans that will effectively control your messaging in the midst of the unthinkable.

About Benson: Benson Hendrix serves as digital media manager and web developer for New Mexico Tech. Previously he was the Social Media Manager for the University of New Mexico, where he worked to address crises as varied as a professor upsetting most of Twitter, to students protesting a controversial speaker, to a helicopter crash that deactivated the landing pad for the state’s only Trauma I Hospital. In his work, he has provided social media strategy, reputation management, management consulting, crisis management, creative messaging, strategy and more to a variety of companies and other organizations. He has consulted for groups as varied as single-person start-ups and nonprofits to large industries, changing how they approach public relations, community relations, social media and more.

About Allison: Allison Matherly has spent the past eight years building community and relationships as the coordinator of digital engagement at Texas Tech University, serving as the voice of the university on social media and overseeing the emergency notification system, TechAlert!. Prior to her current role, she managed the university’s news site, Texas Tech Today, and helped the university pioneer the use of social media in media relations. She also teaches Digital Public Relations as an adjunct instructor in the College of Media & Communication, and in her ten years with Texas Tech, she has received Gold and Silver ADDY Awards from the American Advertising Federation’s Lubbock Chapter and gold, silver, and bronze awards from the Educational Advertising Awards.