A 5-Star Rating and Glowing Review of eduWeb 2021

by Stamats – an eduWeb Partner

My partner at Missouri Southern State University (MSSU), Kevin Greim, and I had the pleasure of presenting the work that we have been engaged in together for the past few years at eduWeb’s recent conference. While our presentation focused on how colleges and universities can enhance marketing efforts across the institution via the collection and publishing of ratings and reviews, I’d like to take a moment first to provide a 5-star rating and glowing testimonial to the eduWeb staff who coordinated an amazing conference experience despite the challenges presented by a virtual environment. Even though the conference could not be attended in person, eduWeb’s team and technology platform operated seamlessly to enable everyone to connect and engage in meaningful discussions.

The ratings and reviews process begins with a survey of alumni. Kevin provided the context of MSSU’s historical alumni communications efforts and then explained how the survey effort greatly surpassed his team’s expectations in terms of not only overall response, but also the level of positivity in the response. He also discussed how the data obtained from the study supported alumni relations efforts as well as how many of MSSU’s alums expressed interest in continuing their educations. Those alums expressing such interest were immediately forwarded to MSSU’s admissions team. A review of some of the testimonials on MSSU’s website uncovered the sentiments of first-generation students, adults returning to school from the workforce, relationships forged with peers and faculty members – exactly the type of authentic perspective that prospective students need to see when evaluating their enrollment decisions.

Finally, I covered the process of how the surveys are conducted, how ratings and reviews are accessed and approved by institutional personnel, and how the publishing of ratings and reviews:

  • Increases website traffic
  • Influences prospective students in their college searches
  • Enhances enrollment activity

You can watch the recorded session on-demand through eduWeb and also contact me at james.vineburgh@stamats.com to learn more about how your institution can implement and benefit from ratings and reviews.