Announcing eduWeb’s 2020 Scholarship Program

Last year, we introduced our first-ever eduWeb Scholarship for Developing Professionals. The program is designed to provide those who are new to the world of higher education marketing with a unique opportunity for professional development. Whether you’re in your first “real” job or you have a longer career path that’s recently brought you to higher ed, we’ve built this scholarship to open new doors for you to network, learn, and grow as a member of our eduWeb community.

What’s required to apply you ask? It’s quite simple:

  • 3 years (or less) of experience within higher education
  • Willingness to share your experience through blog posts and social media

That’s it! We’ll ask you to provide an account of your key takeaways and highlights from our time together at Snowbird, just like last year’s selected scholarship recipients did in Philadelphia, and we know that you’ll come away from the conference with numerous valuable experiences worth recapping. If we’ve piqued your interest and you’d like to be considered for this year’s scholarship, then use the link below to submit your application today; it’s a quick and easy process, and the payoff is more than worth the effort.

And if you don’t personally qualify for the scholarship, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from all that it offers. If you know someone– perhaps a member of your own team– who you believe is deserving, you can submit their name using our nomination form. We know that not every new professional realizes how remarkable they are, and the affirmation of being nominated may provide just the right boost of confidence that they need to submit an application. eduWeb attendees come back inspired, motivated, and ready to take their work to new heights; doesn’t that sound like exactly what you’re hoping for in your employees and teammates?

Have questions? You can reach out to Chris Barrows, this year’s scholarship lead, on Twitter at @CBarrows or send him an email.  Regardless of whether our scholarship is the right fit for you, we hope you’ll join us at the 2020 eduWeb Digital Summit at the Snowbird Resort near Salt Lake City, UT. We’re looking forward to welcoming you there– perhaps as a member of our new class of scholarship recipients.