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Digital Trends and Tips for Higher Education

by Cybba Digital marketing is playing an ever-growing role in recruitment and enrollment for institutions of higher education. Today, digital is one of the most important resources used by prospective students to conduct research on colleges and universities. Colleges and universities are investing in digital marketing tools to expand brand visibility across media channels, promote […]

Convert prospective students using direct-to-device marketing

This digital marketing tactic converts prospective students into applicants amidst changes to information privacy and online data protection. Ologie’s executive director of digital and media, Fernando Bergás-Coria, explains what direct-to-device is and how to use it to reach your enrollment goals. This year, using data to personalize paid digital marketing will start to look very […]

Two Questions with Lindsay Nyquist

What are higher ed institutions doing right when it comes to digital engagement? “One thing that I see colleges doing well is BEING CREATIVE. This is one of the most fun parts of working in digital communication — experimenting with new platforms and apps; making fun videos, time lapses, and Boomerangs; and finding interesting ways […]

Highlights from eduWeb Spring Showcase

From content strategy during a crisis to data analytics to the future of higher ed, the eduWeb Spring Showcase sessions offer not-to-be-missed insight that will shape higher education work long-term. Meet the speakers and sign up for live or pre-recorded sessions on the event website. Follow on Twitter: #EduWebShowcase Here are highlights from the first […]

Community Corner: March 2021

Welcome back to the eduWeb Community Corner, where we talk directly with those in the higher education community doing great things all over North America! I’m your host, Jason Boucher and this month we chatted with Kimberly Stern and Ashley Schroeder from Colorado State University. Together, they run the social and digital media teams and are responsible […]

Community Corner: February 2021

Welcome to the eduWeb Community Corner, where we talk directly to those in the higher education community doing great things! I’m your host, Jason Boucher. This month, for our inaugural segment, we chatted with Jamie Lewis. Jamie is a social media coordinator at the University of Georgia. We discussed COVID testing and how social media, […]

EduWebinar Recap: Temperature Rising: A robust, collaborative digital communications project from Cal State Fullerton

As temperatures rose around topics of racial injustice in the nation and on college campuses, the Strategic Communications Team from California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) knew that platitudes would serve little purpose. Beyond sharing a statement from their president or changing their profile picture as part of a social justice campaign, they sought to amplify […]

Holding Social Media Space During A Pandemic

Across higher education, as Marketing professionals, in good times, we speak toward being genuine, being real, and communicating with transparency. In troubling times, even the most agile organization can find genuine, real, and transparent communication stunted and tentative. We search for the right words and open transparency for our communities of staff, students, and faculty; […]