Meet the Track Chair: Eric Clark, Web Tools & Hacks

Meet the Track Chair: Eric Clark, Web Tools & Hacks What advice would you give first-time eduWeb Digital Summit attendees who are looking to make the most of the conference? “My perspective is unique because this will be my first time attending eduWeb. I would encourage attendees to connect with the eduWeb leadership team/presenters on […]

Two Questions with Lindsay Nyquist

Two Questions with Lindsay Nyquist What are higher ed institutions doing right when it comes to digital engagement? “One thing that I see colleges doing well is BEING CREATIVE. This is one of the most fun parts of working in digital communication—experimenting with new platforms and apps; making fun videos, time lapses, and Boomerangs; and […]

Hitting the Century Mark (or How I Got 100+ Alumni to Participate in a Social Media Chat)

There are seminal moments in the life of every graduate student. They include graduation day; the first and last (thankfully) class of one’s master’s or Ph.D. program; and, of course, the moment a student finds out he/she was accepted to the college or university–hopefully–of their choice. Aside from graduation–the exact day when a graduate student […]

Higher Ed Video Marketing: The Next Generation

Higher Ed Video Marketing: The Next Generation In today’s digital age, digital marketing is constantly evolving. If a business isn’t utilizing it’s digital marketing channels, there sales and performance could really suffer. That means being active on social platforms and having a regularly updated, easy to use website. To ensure a website is reaching the […]

Our New (Sorta Different) Blog

Our New (Sorta Different) Blog So, why are we here? Metaphysical questions aside, this query is directed at you, the higher ed pro who is reading this post, and the answer isn’t too complicated. The reason we’re here is…to share, learn, and, hopefully, become more fluent in the digital space we all inhabit. How will […]