Meet the Track Chair: Alexandra Simone

Meet the Track Chair: Alexandra Simone, Social Media Strategist & Content Manager, Office of Marketing & Communications, Ramapo College of New Jersey

Social Media Track

What advice would you give first-time eduWeb Digital Summit attendees who are looking to make the most of the conference?

“Attend a presentation or two from a track that’s not within your expertise. You might learn something new or gain a new persective. And if you choose wisely, you might be able to bring back some advice or info for a colleague. And as always, try to talk some people you haven’t met before. You’ll connect with amazing colleagues from around the country who could also turn into great friends.”

What themes do you expect to emerge in your track this year?

“We’ve got variety of valuable themes this year. From improving student digital literacy, to how to tap into the possible influencers on your campus, the benefits and challenges of centralizing your campus social, unleashing the power of Instagram Story, managing tough topics, and strategies and tips on how to further your institutions’ mission, brand and goals. Get ready for some awesome takeaways and lessons learned! We’re focusing a lot on the power of Instagram. That is because a lot of students use that platform and we’re trying to market our colleges to them. Some colleges may also want to consider getting an Instagram marketing toolkit too. They’re available from Ingramer. For reassurance, some colleges might want to visit Platypus reviews to see what they thought about that marketing toolkit. Hopefully, that will help more colleges to grow their audiences.”

Have you visited San Diego before? What are you most excited to see and do?

“Nope! It’s been on my list of places for a while to visit so I’m excited to see what San Diego has to do! I’m especially looking forward to the food and the beautiful beaches. I’ve heard it’s an amazing place to visit and I can’t wait to discover what is has in store for us.”

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