Meet the Track Chair: Eric Clark, Web Tools & Hacks

Meet the Track Chair: Eric Clark, Web Tools & Hacks

What advice would you give first-time eduWeb Digital Summit attendees who are looking to make the most of the conference?

“My perspective is unique because this will be my first time attending eduWeb. I would encourage attendees to connect with the eduWeb leadership team/presenters on social media before the conference begins. Seeking out virtual connections will make it easier for attendees to assimilate to the conference experience. It’s important for attendees to hit the ground running by being intentional in seeking out meaningful connections.” Eric

Are there themes you expect to emerge in your track this year?

“Empowerment! Showing attendees how to use inexpensive/free web tools will empower them to take control of new technology to achieve outcomes never before thought possible. There are a lot of tools out there, and learning about their applications will help keep attendees from feeling overwhelmed when adopting new technologies.”

Have you visited Denver before? What are you most excited to see and do in the Mile High City?

“Denver is a beautiful city, but it was cold and snowy the last time that I visited. I’m excited to get outside and explore what the great city has to offer. I am also going to try my best to not be a sour Patriots fan ;-).”

Eric Clark is the Director of Admissions at Quincy College in Massachusetts. He’s serving as our track chair for Web Tools & Hacks. Follow Eric on Twitter at

Compiled by Andrew Meyers, member of the eduWeb planning team and Associate Director of Admissions at Hope College in Holland, MI.